Some countries have their own traditional way of treatment which exist since long years ago, so these treatment were popular and no need of modern medicine that time. Alternative medicine is a term used for traditional medicine like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupressure etc.

But it is very sad to know that which knowledge our ancient legend given to us is lacking their existance.WHO doing research but mordern science fail to accept it.

Question arising is this, if alternative medicine is pseudoscience then how pseudoscience working too long? Actually its not pseudo, the ancients who given these treatment were super intellect, could see atoms flying by power of concentration.They had good knowledge of diet, routine,herb, and weather.They already put the foundation of treatment many years ago .Without mordern medicine the survival rate was more that time.

Ayurveda is in every house of Indians and it is very old concept. They know in which season which diet should be taken.Which herb is cure for which condition.Only through pulse diagnosis the condition can be diagnosed and treated.

Every Indian knows the power of Yoga. Rishies in himalaya full of knowledge and great in meditation. They had a good control over their death. They had a good knowledge of chakra, healing. They could easily treated the condition by their touch only.

Homeopathay works slowly but have a good result in many conditions.It has good result where allopathy fails.

Besides this, too many alternative therapies, WHO not able to find out the reason. But Chiense traditional medicine Acupuncture/acupressure widely accepting now a days. This is only faith and dedication of Chinese therapist towards their therapy.

Main aim of Sukh physio and alternative treatment centre to bring in lime light the alternative treatment which our ancient was given still works and to save their existance.

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