Pranic word originated from Sanskrit word prana means life force energy. Pranic healing viz pran chikitsa very old form of treatment.

That time Saints have good power of meditation, thought and sativik ahara. So They have good power of healing.

Jesus was a healer who only cure the patient by touch.Many saints In India has great power to control over their death.They cure any condition only by touch. Indian has a knowledge of Chakra which has their own function.

In Sukh physiotherapy and alternative treatment centre diagnosing the fault of major minor chakras.The condition can be treated only basis of Chakra.This is ultimate method for any type of condition digestive, mental, ENT, headache etc. Power of healing has power of regeneration which is amazing technique. But this technique directly depend on the quality of therapist.

For psychological issues Pranic psychotherapy gives best results.