The name physiotherapy itself suggest its meaning , treating conditions via physical means like water, air, heat, cold, touch etc. Where no use of medicine and surgery.

Physiotherapy comes in lime light in world war 2nd. Too many injured got rehabilitaion through physiotherapy treatment where other medicine system failed.

This is the first line of treatment prior to medicine and surgery.

Physiotherapist can independently assess, diagnose and plan the treatment of an individual.

Now a days a field of physiotherapy is growing in India.

It is a part of rehabilitation team ,without a physiotherapist team is incomplete.

First people correlate the physiotherapy with massage, but it is more than that.

Physiotherapy can be divided into electrotherapy, hydrotherapy,exercise therapy and manual therapy.

Various kind of electrical modalities used in electrotherapy.Hydrotherapy concerned with water and very good for strength and pain. Including exercise and manual therapy ,other advance techniques build the physiotherapy profession growing like kinesiotaping, dry needling, MFR etc and research going on.

Physiotherapy a vast field, one must try the physiotherapy rehabilitation prior to surgery.

Branches of physiotherapy include orthopedic, neurological, sports,cardiopulmonary, gynecological etc.

In Sukh Physiotherapy and Alternative Treatment Centre all type of physiotherapy services available and mainly works on orthopedic, neuropsychological and sports conditions like back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, anxiety, stress, insomnia,stroke, CP, nerve related disorder, GBS, MS and pre, post operative care etc.

Home visit services also available.

If condition not only treated by physiotherapy, treatment plan combined with alternative treatment gives miraculous result.